Since 1963 we have been taking care of customers. We have over 65,000 satisfied customers. Why are they satisfied? Because we do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction.

You have access to the newest and best products and services because of our commitment to being the best. Canoga Park Heating & Air is an active member of several trade associations composed of the best heating and cooling contractors in the country.

Due to our related business affiliations, CPHAC is constantly learning about the newest and best products and services available. We are on the cutting edge of technology for both servicing of your system and proper design and installation of your equipment.

Business Practices & Guarantees

Compare our guarantees with our competition. Compare the ease in dealing with our company with the hassles and broken promises you often get with other companies. This is why Canoga Park Heating & Air continues to grow every year with more satisfied customers each and every year. Give us a call for your service and installation needs and see what you’ve been missing.

NATE Certified Technicians

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence and is rapidly becoming the standard by which all technicians are compared. Our company is committed to having our technicians be NATE certified. This NATE certification is very difficult to achieve and requires constant training and ongoing education.

What does this mean to you?
Ongoing NATE training + Experienced supervision + Office support = Quality service or installation for you! Visit the NATE website at for more information.

Performance Guarantee

We guarantee our work! When we have installed a complete system, and a record of routine equipment maintenance and operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance manuals is evident, our systems are guaranteed.

Systems will perform as we have stated and agreed upon. When we perform a home and duct performance test, we guarantee to maintain a temperature variance of no more than 3 degrees from room to room with the fan running. If the required temperature differences between rooms is not achieved, we will make any necessary modifications, repairs or replacements at no charge to you for the duration of your labor warranty!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our installation technicians are simply the best! They are courteous, knowledgeable, and complete every job with speed and precision.

You will be amazed by the high quality of their skill and workmanship. They show respect and strive to make customers comfortable throughout the entire process, by maintaining a clean and orderly environment, and by not smoking or sweating in your home. We have a drug testing policy which requires that all employees be drug-free. If for some reason we have not lived up to these set standards, you won’t pay until you are completely satisfied! This our pledge to you, our Canoga Park Heating and Air guarantee!

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