Is Your Home Stuffy, Uncomfortable & Dusty No Matter What the Thermostat Says? 

The Problem is Likely in Your Duct System!

25% of your energy bill is lost in your duct work—going up to 50% in the worst cases. Simple maintenance, cleaning and sealing can fix all these issues. First you might have noticed the fine sheen of dust. Then you might have noticed that your thermostat readings didn’t match the sweats or shivers you registered. Finally, you may have noticed an increase in allergic reactions—and not just from your energy bill! Even with regular maintenance and changing of air filters, the fine dust and debris of modern living can still cause wear and tear over a period of time. Left uncleaned by professionals every few years, these particles can cause tears and leaks in the duct system, leading to poor circulation and reduced air quality from dust escaping into rooms. Meanwhile, your overworked HVAC system causes energy bills to soar.

Find out more about simple maintenance & how cleaning and sealing can fix all these issues!