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Connected Home: Haven or Hassle for LA Homeowners?

It’s official: we are living in the future! Achieving a connected home akin to the Jetson’s is now a reality. Technology has evolved to include advancements to traditional home appliance devices. So now, every homeowner in Los Angeles can have a connected home.  A connected or smart home has some of the home’s systems, appliances, […]

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  • Indoor Air Can be 70 Times More Polluted than Outdoor Air

    You want your home to be safe, secure, and comfortable. You want it to be warm in the winter, cool

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  • Before you call for repair

    First of all, don’t panic! Check a few basic things before calling for service, it may say you so

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  • Stimulus tax credit

    On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed into law the historic American Recovery and Reinvestme

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  • Air purification

    Most heating and air conditioning systems use a basic 1: air filter. These filters were never desig

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