Indoor Air Can be 70 Times More Polluted than Outdoor Air

You want your home to be safe, secure, and comfortable. You want it to be warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and to not cost you a fortune in the process. But, what if the very system that brings you this security is also a breeding ground for serious health issues?

Don’t pack up just yet. There could be a low cost, easy solution.

“The more your ‘sealed’ home is for energy efficiency, the more germs, pollutants, and allergens it’s keeping in,” says Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning. “In order to maintain humidity and temperature levels, the same air is continuously recycled throughout a home. This increases comfort, but it can also increase health risks. Breathing certain mold spores can cause illness – or even death – and they can develop inside the dark and damp environments of your duct system.”

In fact, indoor air can be up to 70 times more polluted than the air outside your home.  So what can you do? Canoga Park Heating and Air recommends these measures for maintaining a healthy home:

  1. Have ventilation systems cleaned annually to help eliminate dirt and mold growth.
  2. A qualified technician should check to be sure that all return air is run through the filter system.
  3. Verify that the filter system meets size requirements for peak operation.
  4. Ask about purification devices that can eliminate condensed moisture from the air conditioning systems. Technology has yielded many inexpensive, easy solutions.

Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning told us, “You don’t have to choose comfort or health. You can have both for your family.  It’s simply a matter of taking minor precautions.”

These precautions are part of Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning’s effort to educate the public on how to stay healthy and safe in their homes.  Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning wants to show homeowners certain energy and health saving techniques that can save hundreds of dollars in needless expenditures each season.


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