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What the NOx? Furnace Emission Regulations for Los Angeles

Over the years of human history, we’ve experienced a boom of innovation. And while so many inventions have made our lives better, there have been unintended consequences. As a result, governing organizations get involved. That’s why there is a new regulation for low NOx furnaces in the Los Angeles area. So, why should any Los […]

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  • Inventors devise new way to maintain a comfortable body temperature

    Most people’s first instinct when they feel too warm or too cool in their home is to head for the

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  • Study examines benefits of the use of geothermal energy in non-commercial buildings

    The evolving geothermal heating and cooling technologies could be the wave of the future in cutting

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  • Local government helps advance energy efficiency

    With considerable advances in modern technology being made daily, it comes as no surprise that many

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  • Hvacr industry instructors try to keep pace with technological advancements

    Currently, the HVACR industry is undergoing many technological advancements. As a result, HVAC inst

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  • Make everyone happy with energy saving measures

    As you begin watching the leaves turn from the green of summer time to autumn colors of red, gold a

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  • Routine maintenance heating system check

    Now that the cold season is just around the corner, it is important to have your heating system che

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  • Top air quality products every home should have

    If you think you can escape polluted air indoors, think again. Depending on your habits, lifestyle

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  • A Quality HVAC Company Family Owned Since 1963

    When you live in Canoga Park, finding the best HVAC contractor to keep your home or business comfor

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  • Types of ventilation systems for businesses

    Keeping air ventilated is so important. While residents can use this, companies rely on air ventila

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  • Options for computer room cooling systems

    As businesses grow, their IT requirements grow with them, and soon require a separate room. Computi

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