Temperature control: how your temperature settings affect your heating unit

When setting your temperatures for your home you want to be aware of what it is doing for your heating or cooling system. It can either help your heating unit or hurt it. You can easily help save your heating unit by keeping a few things in mind. Learn these tips and put them to good use to know how your settings affect both your heating unit and your home.

Lower Is Better

In the winter the lower you can stand your home temperature the better it is. You will be able to save money on  your heating bill during those cold winter months by just bumping the temperature down a few degrees. You would be surprised at how easy and smoothly your machine works when it is not being overworked. Try bumping the temperature down a degree or two and see how it goes. If you and your family are comfortable then there’s no need to go any higher.

Be Aware Of High Temperatures

When you set your thermostat to a higher temperature during the winter it means your heating unit is working extremely hard to maintain that temperature. By keeping it high and the temperatures being low outside, your unit is putting in over time. This can wreak havoc on your heating unit itself. The more it has to work to maintain that temperature the more stress it is putting on the unit itself.

Coming Home From A Trip

Families are a lot of time under the impression that they must hike the temperature up on their thermostat when they return from a long trip. In actuality that is untrue. You are actually going to get the same output from your heating system as you would if you slowly warm the home back up. Set your thermostat to normal temperatures and let it rise. Bundle up if you have had the heat off and are cool in the home. It will come back to the right temperature but slowly and carefully.

Your settings have a lot to do with the abuse and use your heating system takes. By paying attention to your settings and setting it at the lowest temperature you can handle, you will save yourself time and money on your heating unit. Be sure to have proper maintenance run on the unit each year so you can avoid any mid winter emergencies. You will be glad you did when you are cozy at home in those blistering winter months!


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