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2022 Home Maintenance Schedule: Keep Your Home in Tip Top Shape

Few of us get excited about household chores. Cleaning gutters, swapping filters, and vacuuming dark corners isn’t exactly how most of us envision spending our weekends. Still, your home is your biggest investment, so maintaining it is a must! With the new year approaching, it’s a great time to reflect on your home maintenance. It’s […]

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  • Making the right choice: replace or repair my equipment?

    The act of replacing or repairing your air conditioner is not one that should be taken lightly. It

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  • What is seer used for rating heating and cooling devices?

    People using any type of cooling device should know what is SEER. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

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  • Why work with nate-certified technicians?

    NATE certified technicians usually don’t render services as individual contractors; they mostly r

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  • Why should i purchase a service agreement?

    The question as to what to consider when purchasing a service agreement is one that all HVAC equipm

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  • How do I know the technician is qualified for the job?

    Today, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) sector is bigger than it has ever been.

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  • Modern heating and cooling technology

    Technological advancement has very many benefits to citizens of different countries. The heating an

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  • What is carbon monoxide poisoning: how to prevent it

    Carbon monoxide poisoning may happen if CO from sources such as water heater, or heating system, or

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  • Home energy efficiency tips to help you save money

    Chances are, if you want to save money, you are doing everything you know how to do. Do you know ho

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  • How does air conditioning work

    Air conditioners work using a very simple scientific principle which is called phase conversion. Ac

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  • Lack of maintenance can cause furnace problems

    When the fall season approaches, most homeowners turn their attention to maintenance and repairs th

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