Your guide to home recycling

Many people get perplexed over the complexities of recycling, but home recycling doesn’t have to be confusing. Almost all of your home’s garbage is recyclable. Some experts even report that up to 90% of all items that end up in a landfill could, in fact, be recycled; that’s a lot of wasted resources! If you have a curbside recycling program, then certainly utilize it. Even if you don’t, the chances are very high that you have a local recycling facility nearby where you can drop off items.

Not sure what’s recyclable? Check out our simple guide to home recycling that will make you a recycling expert in no time. Challenge yourself this week to recycle as much as you can at home. When trash day comes around, you’ll be proud to see your recycling bin brimming with items and your trash cans less full.

Your Home Recycling Guide:

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