The benefits of ac dampers

One of the challenges of having a home fitted with a central heating and air conditioning system is that the temperature could be too uniform within your home, or too uneven temperatures in certain spots. If this is something that you can relate to, dampers may just be exactly what you need.

What Are Dampers?

A damper is a plate or valve that acts like a faucet for your home’s ductwork. It regulates the airflow that comes into a room, including completely shutting it off. Dampers can be installed by removing a section of existing ductwork and replacing it with the damper unit. Modern dampers can be fitted with sensors that automatically and independently regulate a room’s temperature.

Why You Should Use Dampers

Dampers let you customize individual room temperatures while keeping the central HVAC unit at a single setting. This is especially useful if you’re living with elderly family members, who may feel too cold (or too warm) in temperatures that you are comfortable in. Dampers allow a room’s occupant to adjust the room temperature to their liking without affecting the rest of the house. Comfortable temperatures have some actual health benefits for the elderly, so this is an essential piece of equipment if you’re planning to age in place.

Dampers and Energy Savings

Another more immediate benefit of having dampers in your HVAC system is the potential savings. A centralized heating and air conditioning system uses up much less energy compared to individual window-mounted or split type units per room. Spare rooms or other areas that require little or no cooling can simply be closed off by completely closing the dampers.

Modern dampers cost much less than individual HVAC units, come in both several sizes, and can be quickly installed. A NATE-certified technician can even make recommendations as to what kind of dampers are best for your existing ductwork.

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