What is Carrier Infinity Greenspeed® Intelligence™ Technology?

The inventor of the air conditioner just keeps on innovating! We are proud to offer the next generation of home comfort: Carrier Infinity Greenspeed Intelligence™ Technology. Carrier’s Infinity 26® air conditioner or Infinity 20® heat pump featuring Greenspeed® are the perfect fit for your family. They offer you the newest innovations in efficiency, dehumidification, and ultra-quiet operation.

What Makes Greenspeed Intelligence Products Different

High Efficiency The new Infinity series offers industry leading energy efficiency ratings up to 26 SEER or a heat pump with efficiencies up to 24 SEER/13 HSPF. Let’s put that in perspective: an older air conditioner may be around 9 SEER in efficiency. Some “high efficiency” models you’ll see on the web will be around 16 SEER. 24 SEER is unheard of – that’s almost twice as much as other air conditioners marked as high efficiency. That’s the same amount of cooling for half the cost!

Dehumidification Controlling humidity levels is an important part of your indoor air quality (IAQ). Nearly all commercial HVAC systems can operate in dehumidification mode, but only a few residential HVAC systems can offer the same feature. The Carrier Infinity series runs longer on lower-speed modes. That means better dehumidification, filtration, and comfort for your home.

Super Quiet These ultra-modern HVAC units feature a sound limiter to keep operation ultra-quiet. Carrier is 50% quieter than the competition. No more waking up to the sound of the heating fan kicking on in the middle of the night! Peaceful, quiet nights are in your future.

What Does Variable Speed Technology Mean?

Carrier Infinity units with Greenspeed Intelligence technology feature variable speed technology. What does that mean? 

Most HVAC systems only have 3 modes: Cooling, Heating, Off. But our lives demand more flexibility. Here’s a common problem our customers call us about: their home is way too cold when the AC is running, and too warm when it’s not. They can never seem to find that Goldilocks level of comfort. Why? 

There’s a simple answer. When it’s time for cooling, your AC only has one option: on. Like a light switch, your AC will turn fully on or fully off. But what if you could operate your AC on a dimmer switch? That would provide the perfect level of comfort and use less energy – a win/win! 

That’s precisely what variable speed technology does. When an HVAC unit can run at lower speeds, it can offer higher efficiencies and save your family money.

Why Should I Invest in A Higher Quality AC Unit?

If it’s time to replace your home’s HVAC system, consider opting for a top of the line system. The cost difference between a standard HVAC system and a system with Carrier Infinity Greenspeed Intelligence™ Technology will quickly pay for itself with energy savings and increased comfort. 

Plus, there are some fantastic benefits for long-term maintenance. The Greenspeed Intelligence™ units are Wi-Fi enabled so that they can receive software updates directly from Carrier. Plus, bluetooth technology allows our skilled technicians to diagnose some issues from the driveway. That makes repairs faster with less headaches for everyone. 

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