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Rebates Help You Save Money on HVAC Installs

Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving the home comfort needs of the good folks in the San Fernando Valley for more than 55 years. We live here ourselves!  We know that buying a new heating and cooling system isn’t how most of our neighbors want to spend their savings. That’s where HVAC rebates come in!

What Is an HVAC Rebate?

The easiest way to think of a rebate is like a coupon. Coupons are intended to entice a consumer to purchase a specific product. There could be a lot of reasons why a manufacturer wants you to purchase a particular product. It could be that they are promoting a new product and want to entice you to give it a try. Or, they are trying to clear out inventory of products with outdated packaging.

Likewise, an HVAC rebate is a way to promote a specific product. But instead of receiving the discount at the time of purchase, like a coupon, rebates typically provide the discount after the purchase.

What types of HVAC rebates are there?

There are some deadlines that you must be aware of when making qualified purchases, so be sure to ask us about that when choosing your home heating and air conditioning unit. When you do, we will review all the details about how you can redeem rebates for qualified purchases – and that includes instant rebates. For example, you may receive a discount off the total amount for a qualifying product. Or, you may receive a debit card with the amount of your rebate on it. Just remember: Any delay in receipt of this card is due to the time required to process it.

In the heating and cooling world, there are lots of reasons for rebate promotions. In general, there are two common types of HVAC rebates: manufacturer rebates and utility rebates.

Similar to the coupon example, manufacturer rebates typically exist to promote new technology or clear out inventory.

The other type is utility rebates. Utility companies face the challenge of establishing enough energy capacity to supply all the homes and businesses in the San Fernando Valley. The cost of expanding a power plant or building a new one is astronomical. Instead, utility companies implement rebates to incentivize purchases that will keep energy usage low. That way, they don’t have to expand at all. The cost of paying for rebates is lower than the cost of expanding their facilities. 

Leverage Financing With Rebates

Did you know that you can combine rebates with financing? Be sure to ask our team about that when we visit your home. It may surprise you how manageable installing a new energy-efficient HVAC unit is with special financing terms (with approved credit) and rebates are part of the equation.

Taking Advantage of an HVAC Rebate

Thinking of using a rebate for your HVAC purchase? Way to go! Here are some tips to make sure your installation and rebate go smoothly:

  • Availability – Rebates are typically part of a promotion, which means that they are limited-time offers. You’ll have the best luck looking for HVAC rebates in the Spring and Fall. We will be happy to discuss any upcoming specials and rebates – just give us a call!

  • Check the Requirements – Be sure that your purchase fully qualifies for the rebate. Our team here at Canoga Park is very knowledgeable in rebates, so we can help walk you through all the rules for any program.

  • Take Note of Deadlines – Some rebates have forms that must be submitted within a certain amount of time. Although our team can help you submit most rebates, sometimes you’ll be on your own. Make sure you get your paperwork in on-time!

  • Verify Rebate Delivery – Will your rebate be a physical check? An instant rebate? Or perhaps even a debit card? Before you place your purchase, make sure you understand how the rebate will take form.

  • Timeline – How long will it take to receive your rebate? Although some are instantaneous, others may take a few weeks.  Just remember: Any delay in receipt of your rebate is due to the time required to process it.

  • We enjoy helping our customers out, and that includes helping you decide when the best time is for you to take advantage of any and all special deals that meet your needs.

Call Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning or use our online form to reach our Canoga Park AC repair technicians and request service today.

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