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TECH Clean California Rebate Program 

It may be no surprise that many California residents are ready to become more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Luckily, we live in an era with technology that can help us reach these goals. 

New air conditioner models, like many appliances, become more energy efficient every year. But with the addition of heat pumps as an option, you can easily become more eco-friendly.   

If you haven’t upgraded to a heat pump yet, now is the time to do so. Thanks to the newest incentive program, TECH Clean California, California residents can take advantage of significant savings programs by switching from gas-powered heating and cooling to electricity-powered heat pumps. 

Fortunately for you, Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to help. 

What Is TECH Clean California? 

In 2018, the TECH Clean California initiative was passed as Senate Bill1477. This $120 million initiative went into effect at the end of 2021. It is a giant leap for Californians wanting to take steps toward reducing their carbon footprint. 

The primary goal of this initiative is to help homeowners throughout the state switch to heat pump technology, with 40% of the program benefits going toward low-income and disadvantaged families. This plan is part of the bigger picture of the state becoming carbon-neutral by 2045 by making heat pump installation more affordable. 

By working with qualified contractors, like Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning, you may qualify for electrification rebates for your heat pump installation. Our team can help you save money on your new cooling system and give you long-term savings on your energy bill while rebate funds last!     

What Is a Heat Pump? 

A heat pump is installed outside but is an essential part of your heating and cooling system. It’s a versatile appliance that doubles as an air conditioner during the warmer months and a heater when the weather is cooler. 

This modern technology pulls heat from the air outside and moves it inside during the winter. In the summer, it works the opposite way; the heat pump removes the heat from the indoor air to create a cooler environment. 

A heat pump is a more eco-friendly option because it uses electricity and refrigerant rather than fossil fuels to keep your family comfortable year-round.  

Why Choose a Heat Pump? 

Now you know that heat pumps run on electricity, which helps reduce your carbon footprint. But what other benefits will you get by taking the plunge and upgrading? Is it worth the hassle? 

Our opinion – it’s absolutely worth it. Heat pump technology is energy-efficient and as effective as other heating and cooling systems. But there are many other advantages that homeowners can enjoy, like the ones listed below: 

Require Less Space 

Heat pumps take up less space because of their compact size. This leaves you more room for creating your ideal outdoor environment. 

Year-Round Comfort

Heat pumps have a unique feature that other HVAC appliances do not. They can reverse the refrigerant flow, so they can both heat and cool your home, meaning you essentially get two systems in one. 

Make Heat Without Fossil Fuels 

Heat pumps are all-electric. This feature is beneficial because it won’t require the use of natural or other gasses. 

You Can Go Ductless 

If your home cannot accommodate ductwork, you can still invest in a heat pump. There are ductless heat pumps that efficiently move cooled air throughout your home. 

Minimal Maintenance 

Heat pumps are a low-maintenance system. Yes, they require an annual inspection to help prevent breakdowns, but this is minimal and will allow you to save money. 

Saves You Money 

Because they are more energy-efficient and require minimal maintenance, a heat pump can help save you money on your energy bills. 

TECH Clean California Rebates 

Now that you know about heat pumps, you’re probably wondering how that is related to TECH Clean California. The Golden State wants to help its residents lower their carbon footprint. How are they doing this? 

Offering TECH Clean California rebates to single and multi-family homes will help offset the cost of upgrading their heating and cooling systems to energy-efficient heat pumps.   

Electrification rebates are available to homeowners who choose to switch to all electricity while program funds last. Payments could be up to $3,000 to install cutting-edge heat pump technology, but this number could change depending on how many systems you have replaced. 

There are a few limitations to the TECH incentive program that you should know: 

  • It is a statewide initiative that will make incentive programs equal across the state 
  • TECH provides HVAC rebates for residential and multi-family residents 
  • Heat pump HVAC systems and water heaters are the only equipment it covers
  • You may only qualify for baseline incentives, depending on your local program
  • The rebates will only be available while the funds set aside by the state last

Before TECH Clean California, many regions had no AC rebates for heat pump installation, which levels the playing field for all California residents. 

If you wish to learn more about TECH Clean California, visit Switch is On

Eligibility for Heat Pump Rebates 

The heat pump rebates apply to heat pump space and water heating appliances in single and multi-family homes. Owners of single-family homes may qualify for $3,000 for any heat pump HVAC installation while funds are available. If you choose to replace other gas appliances, you could be eligible for $3100 while funds last.

Multi-family homes that replace systems that serve individual apartments or common areas could see rebates for various heat pump appliances. You may see rebates for heat pump pool and spa upgrades or electric panel upgrades. This will ensure it can handle the new electrical demands of your multi-family home. 

Combining local HVAC rebates with state incentives is possible to maximize your savings. Some residents may see up to $3,000 in savings while the program funds last!

How Are AC Rebates Paid? 

Any rebates issued by TECH Clean California are paid directly to the contractors completing their work. They will pass the savings onto their customers through decreased installation fees. 

Experienced and Trained Contractors 

Any contractor wishing to become a TECH Clean Air contractor must already be a state-licensed contractor and in good standing. At Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning, we are just that. We submitted our participation agreement and attended the required training to become a certified TECH Clean California contractor. 

Ready to Learn More About TECH Clean California Rebates?  

Not only do you become more eco-friendly by installing an electric heat pump, but you can take advantage of this incredible rebate opportunity while state funds are available. You can get thousands of dollars back by working with talented Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning technicians until the program funds are exhausted.

If you have been considering upgrading your old heating and cooling system, now is the time to move forward. With our rebates available for electrification, you’ll save money long-term, create better home comfort, and use less energy than a traditional heating and cooling system.

You can learn more about switching to an electric heat pump by reading our Homeowner’s Guide to Electrification Rebates and Switching to a Heat Pump.    

Why Choose Us? 

We’ve been a family-owned and operated business since 1963 and believe in customer satisfaction 100%. We specialize in the design and installation of electric cooling systems. Before starting any work, your technician will review all details of the new system and any applicable heat pump rebates.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you become more eco-friendly! 

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