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Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services in Canoga Park

Improving Air Quality & Circulation

Is your home stuffy, uncomfortable, and dusty no matter what the thermostat says? The problem is likely in your duct system!

25-50% of your energy bill is lost in your ductwork. Simple maintenance, cleaning, and sealing can fix this serious issue. The team at Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning can help you seal your ducts to ensure clean air and an efficient HVAC system.

Please call (818) 348-4768 to request an appointment for duct sealing services.

Why Invest in Duct Sealing

Even with regular maintenance and routinely changing your air filters, the fine dust and debris of modern living can still cause wear and tear to your system over a period of time. Left unclean, these particles can cause tears and leaks in the duct system, leading to poor circulation and reduced air quality. Meanwhile, your overworked HVAC system causes energy bills to soar.

At Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning, we deal with properties suffering from substandard duct systems daily. Our innovative modern technology allows us to quickly optimize your duct systems with minimum hassle.

Aeroseal Technology

If you have a leak in your system, our Canoga Park duct sealing experts can help. We use Aeroseal to patch up all duct leaks. Developed by U.C. Berkeley, this innovative polyamide technology works from inside your duct system to fully seal all leaks in just an hour.

Next, we cover all your wall registers and inject Aeroseal into your duct system. This allows the Aeroseal to flow through until it reaches a leak. The unique bonding properties of polyamides stick to the leak and build up a seal, leaving just 1-2 ounces in the system when the process is complete.

The non-invasive Aeroseal process:

  • Restores your duct system
  • Cuts energy bills,
  • Ensures clean air
  • Allows your HVAC systems to get your home to the temperatures you want

As contractors of Aeroseal, we’re proud to bring you cutting-edge technology for healthier living. Within a few weeks, your HVAC will be running at full blast to keep you comfortable. Guarantee yourself great air quality in a fresh, clean home that’s as cool as you need and schedule your duct inspection today.

Call us at (818) 348-4768 to book an appointment. We offer services throughout the San Fernando Valley.

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