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A Quality HVAC Company Family Owned Since 1963

When you live in Canoga Park, finding the best HVAC contractor to keep your home or business comfortable is definitely important. Fortunately, area residents can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment, year-round, when they rely on Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning for all of their HVAC and home comfort needs. As a business that has

Types Of Ventilation Systems For Businesses

Keeping air ventilated is so important. While residents can use this, companies rely on air ventilation so their customers can breathe easier without it feeling stuffy, smelling like a strange odor or inhaling the smell of others. There are ventilation and exhaust systems for residents and businesses to take advantage of. It will increase air

Options For Computer Room Cooling Systems

As businesses grow, their IT requirements grow with them, and soon require a separate room. Computing produces heat, and overheating from numbers of computers in a small space can soon lead to damaged equipment, data loss and company downtime. Businesses are increasingly realizing the necessity of investing in computer room cooling systems, and there are

Tips On Keeping Your Home Cool In California

California climate is fortunate to have warm summers but sometimes it can get a little too warm. You can save on air conditioning service in Thousand Oaks by making some essential changes to your home design. Hot summer weather in west Los Angeles can go on for months and droughts are not that uncommon. Keeping

Identifying The Right Air Conditioning Service Company

When something goes wrong with the HVAC system then it is time to call a heating and air conditioning service company. Simple and basic cleaning can be done by the without any professional help but a thorough cleaning or repair must be done only by trained technicians. An HVAC repair company employs trained and certified

Stephen King Brings the Heat to Bangor

Residents of Bangor, a working class neighborhood in Maine, often struggle to stay warm during the wintertime with the extremely cold weather. Many of the elderly, poor, and disabled residents are unable to afford the high cost of heating and are forced to suffer in the unforgiving elements. This year could prove to be different,

Stimulus Tax Credit

On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed into law the historic American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. As a result of this act, the federal government announced tax credits for consumers who purchase qualifying high-efficiency heating and cooling products for their homes. Until December 31, 2010, certain high-efficiency HVAC products qualify for a tax

Before You Call For Repair

First of all, don’t panic! Check a few basic things before calling for service, it may say you some money! Check these simple items: 1. If the system does not turn on, check your electrical circuit breaker. Be sure and check the condensing unit and the furnace breaker. Remember that many systems have two breakers.