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Heater Repair, Installation, & Maintenance in the San Fernando Valley

When those chilly ocean temperatures roll in, Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning are the heating and furnace contractors to call for full-service solutions including maintenance, repair, and installation.

Since 1963, we have been offering high-quality, affordable Canoga Park heater repair solutions throughout the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas.

Our certified technicians are trained on all types of systems including:

  • Heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Boilers

We are also a factory-authorized dealer of Carrier Brand heating systems and can help you get the best deal on the highest quality equipment for your home or office.

Call (818) 348-4768 or use our online form to reach our Canoga Park heater repair technicians and request service today.

Fast Emergency Heater Repair

It’s cold outside and your heating system is not working properly. The last thing you want to do is wait for a heating and air conditioning company that only has limited business hours.

At Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer 24/7 emergency service because we know that your heating system doesn’t break down on a convenient schedule. With over 50 years’ experience in the Greater Los Angeles Area, we have worked on all types of systems and know how to quickly diagnose a problem and efficiently resolve it. We can have an emergency repair technician dispatched to you quickly to solve your problem at an affordable rate. Our Canoga Park heater repair technicians keep their trucks well stocked with the most common failing parts and in most cases, we can have your issue resolved same-day.

5 Common Heating Myths That our Canoga Park Heating Services can debunk:

  •  Programmable Thermostats Warm Homes Efficiently –

    Most people think that programmable thermostats will save them money because they can be set to turn down automatically. In reality, programming your thermostat is more convenient than making manual adjustments, but not always more efficient. This is because we usually program thermostats to anticipate our needs (e.g.; to warm the house before we get up each morning) rather than turning the heat on exactly when we need it.

  • Fireplaces Can Help Heat Your Home While Saving You Money –

    Wood-burning fireplaces can provide a delightful aesthetic experience during the winter months, but don’t expect them to save you money on heating costs. Not only is wood itself expensive, but fireplaces don’t radiate nearly as much heat as they release up the chimney. If you use a fireplace in conjunction with your heater, the fireplace actually steals your heater-warmed air for combustion, and sends the heat up the chimney with the smoke.
  • Crank up the thermostat for faster heating – 
    Our tendency to crank a thermostat way up to warm a frigid home may be instinct as much as the genuine belief that it will result in faster warming. But the bottom line is that heaters have only two settings: on and off, and they will not warm any faster if the temperature is set higher. When we crank the thermostat up, the heater simply runs for a longer time and uses more energy.
  • Leaving the heat on is more efficient –
    We’ve all heard the myth that leaving the heater on is more efficient than the cycle of heating and cooling that comes when you set the heater to switch off regularly. At Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning, our Canoga Park heater repair team says It just isn’t true—having the heater running constantly will ultimately consume much more energy than that required to bring the temperature back to a comfortable place after the heater has been off for a while.
  • Energy-efficient windows save you money –
    The myth of energy-efficient windows is tricky, because it is partly true. Yes, modern energy-efficient windows will trap heat much better and lower your energy costs. However, the savings will take a very long time to add up. Replacing the windows in a home with high-efficiency windows can cost thousands of dollars (depending on the size of the home and number of windows), and it may be decades before the up-front expenses are off-set by energy cost savings. If you have more questions, give our Canoga Park heating services team a call.

Hassle-Free Home Furnace Maintenance

Your HVAC system is almost constantly working to keep you comfortable – and that adds up to a lot of long-term stress on the system, not to mention your energy bills. With our heating system maintenance and services agreements, Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning helps to save homeowners money throughout the year on utility expenses and prevent heating system breakdowns.

We allow you to schedule out your ongoing maintenance and tune-ups throughout the year to ensure that your HVAC system is getting all of the factory-recommended maintenance it needs. The best part is that you will receive priority service without having to make any additional service call. Plus, with priority maintenance service from Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning, you are qualified for 10% discounts on all repairs as well as priority dispatch for repairs over non-agreement customers.

Our customers have seen that by having regular tune-ups performed, they cut their annual utility expenses by up to 30% while extending the life of their system. Let us maintain your heater or furnace for you so that you can sit back and reap the rewards.

Premium Heating Installations

All HVAC systems break down eventually – and sometimes it is no longer economically feasible to repair. If you need to replace your unit or you are simply looking to upgrade to a more efficient system, we have the best options around.

Home and business owners seeking to replace or install a new residential or commercial-grade heating system can take advantage of our partnership with Carrier, the industry leader in heating systems including heat pumps, packaged units, boilers, and furnaces. Our Canoga Park heater installation technicians offer customers the top industry heating products at exceptionally low prices. And as a factory authorized dealer, we are uniquely poised to get you all the best factory rebates and incentives to help keep the cost low.

We work closely with you throughout the entire process of selecting a heating system, purchasing the system, and getting the new system installed. You never need to feel confused or overwhelmed – we’ve got you taken care of. Even better, we have built a relationship with GreenSky and financing options are available with approved credit.

Commercial Heating Services

Homeowners are not the only HVAC system owners who can take advantage of our premiere heating systems and furnace services. Business owners and commercial property owners also can rely on us to cover all their heating and furnace needs. We have expert NATE-certified technicians who have been highly trained in the latest commercial heating and furnace technology and practices and can offer 24-hour emergency heating repairs throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.

To learn more about how we can help you improve and maintain your heating system, give us a call at (818) 348-4768 or contact us online.

Our Reviews

  • “He was very efficient, and when he installed our Nest Thermostat he showed us, step by step, how to adjust the thermostat, and helped me put the app on my phone.”

    Carole F.

  • “Has always done a diligent and an excellent job whenever he has come by for servicing our unit”

    Vijay S.

  • “They are a very professional company, they really go out of their way to be very friendly and treat you like a friend.”

    Blair K.

  • “They are a family business and we feel like a part of their family.”

    Alison W.

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